GHG emissions

 Scope 1tCO2e75,878,077,8 
 Scope 2 (location based)-

 Scope 2 (market based)-83107
 Scope 3-147163246 
 Total gross emissionstCO2e3063481.013 
    Carbon offset projects-19,00,0
 Net operational carbon emissionstCO2e2873481.013 
 Carbon intensity

 Carbon intensity per megawatt-hour (MWh) of energy consumedkgCO2e/MWh0,030,030,09 
 Carbon intensity per sq.m of office spacekgCO2e/m32,663,058,50 
 Carbon intensity per full-time equivalent (FTE) employeetCO2e/FTE0,330,371,09 
 Carbon intensity of equitytCO2e/,260,341,01 
    Improvements from base year (2015)%74,9%66,8%
 Paper intensity per FTEpages/FTE2.4192.5162.576 
 Energy Management

 Total energy comsumptionkWh9.074.19311.423.65410.668.563 
    Of which from use of fossil fuelkWh322.208331.575327.348 
        Cars and mobile assetskg.27.70528.51028.147 
    Of which energy from electricitykWh2.718.0714.087.1294.034.237 
    Of which from district heatingkWh6.033.9147.004.9506.306.978 
        Hot water for district heatingm3104.033120.775108.741 
 Percentage renewable energy%95,85%68,83%85,97% 
 Percentage renewable electricity%100%100%71% 
 Water Management

 Total annual use of waterm373.97166.77665.372 
    Of which cold waterm373.97166.77665.372 
 Waste Management

 Total waste generated annuallykg125.519120.728119.992 
    Of which general waste-112.649120.728119.992 
    Of which construction waste-12.870-
 Sorted waste-58.49260.95851.588 
 Unsorted waste-54.15759.77068.404 
 Share of sorted waste%51,9%50,5%43,0% 
 Paper-print Management

 Total printed paper in officespages2.133.7732.354.9262.394.285 
 Key figures from operation

 Total size of office spacem3108.075114.146119.189 
    Of which with LED lighting%10%

 Full-time equivalent employeesFTE882,0936,0929,5 
 Total equitymkr112600%1.033998 



 Scope 1

 GHG emission in Scope 1tCO2e75,878,077,8 
 Fuel consumption of cars in litr.litr.32.75433.69533.457 
    Of which gasoline-1.3601.3042.916 
    Of which diesel oil-31.39432.39130.541 
 Fuel consumption of cars in kgkg27.70528.51028.147 
    Of which gasoline-1.0209782.187 
    Of which diesel oil-26.68527.53225.960 
 Scope 2

 GHG emissions in Scope 2tCO2e83107689 
    Of which GHG emissions from use of electricity-29,945633 
        Use of electricitykWh2.712.5194.021.0154.050.812 
    Of which GHG emissions from use of district heatingtCO2e536256 
        Use of hot waterm3104.033121.619 108.266 
        Energy from district heatingkWh6.033.9147.053.9026.279.428 
 Scope 3

 GHG emissions in Scope 3tCO2e147163246 
    Of which GHG emissions from waste-22,624,2 28 
        Additional emsissions from waste delivered to Sorpa-2-
    Of which GHG emissions from domestic business flightstCO2e124,7139,0 217,6 
        GHG emissions from international flights (Icelandair)-88126216 
            Number of business flightsno472,0484,0947,0 
        GHG emissions from international flights (WOW air)tCO2e2713
            Number of business flightsno271,055,06,0 
    Of which GHG emissions from domestic business travelstCO2e10

        Number of business tripsno341,0

        Average flight lengthkm350

 Carbon offset projects

 GHG offset totalt CO2e19,0

    Area for offset projectsha2,5

    Offset from tree plantingt CO2/ha7,6

    Number of trees plantedno6.250