Environment (E)

Operational Parameters
Fiscal Year
Key FiguresUnit20152016201720182019
Total assetsISK billion1,0111,0361,1481,164 1,082
Number of employeesE930936882--
Number of employees at the end of yearE---866735
Total Carbon Tax (ESR)ISK---283,492252,463

Non-financial information 2018
Fiscal Year
Key FiguresUnit20152016201720182019
Direct and Indirect GHG Emissions (E1 | UNGC-P7 | GRI: 305-1, GRI: 305-2, GRI: 305-3)
Scope 1tCO2e86.387.585.178.363.4
Scope 2 (market-based)-592.41653.9213.694.870.8
Scope 2 (location-based)-102.6110.089.994.870.8
Scope 3-263.4187.0173.2303.9315.4
Total Emissions Scope 1 & 2 (location-based)-188.9197.6174.9173.1134.2
    Emissions neutralized by carbon offset projects---19-476
Net operational carbon emissions Scope 1 and 2-188.9197.6155.9173.1-341.8
Total Emissions Scope 1, 2 (location-based) & 3-452.2384.5348.2477.0449.6
    Emissions neutralized by carbon offset projects---19.0-476.0
Net operational carbon emissions-452.2384.5329.2477.0-26.4
Emissions Intensity Scope 1 & 2 (location-based) (E2 | UNGC-P7, P8 | GRI: 305-4 | SDG 13)
Emission Intensity per megawatt-hour consumedkgCO2e/MWh16.6415.7316.6515.6816.23
Emission Intensity per employeetCO2e/E0.
Emission Intensity per total assetstCO2e/ISK billion0.
Emissions Intensity Scope 1, 2 (location-based) & 3 (E2 | UNGC-P7, P8 | GRI: 305-4 | SDG 13)
Emission Intensity per megawatt-hour consumedkgCO2e/MWh39.8430.6333.1443.1954.39
Emission Intensity per employeetCO2e/E0.490.410.390.550.61
Emission Intensity per total assetstCO2e/ISK billion0.450.370.300.410.42
Direct & Indirect Energy Consumption (E3 | UNGC-P7 | GRI: 302-1 | SDG 12 )
Total energy consumptionkWh11,352,62612,554,99610,505,93811,043,4198,266,736
    Of which energy from fossil fuel-335,087339,013329,458303,504245,305
    Of which energy from electricity-4,034,3294,208,5383,737,3574,256,1143,399,518
    Of which energy from hot water-6,983,2108,007,4456,439,1236,483,8014,621,913
Energy Intensity (E4 | UNGC-P7, P8 | GRI: 302-3 | SDG 12)
Energy Intensity per employeekWh/E 12,20713,41311,91112,75211,247
Energy intensity per total assetkWh/ISK billion11,22912,1199,1529,4877,641
Energy Mix (E5 | UNGC-P7 | GRI: 302-1 | SDG 7)
Fossil Fuel%8.0%18.8%4.6%2.7%3.0%
Nuclear Energy-3.5%5.5%0.7%0.0%0.0%
Renewable Energy-88.5%75.8%94.7%97.3%97.0%
Water Management (E6 | UNGC-P7 | GRI: 303-5 | SDG 6)
Total water consumptionm3334,072273,786255,985267,656136,990
  Cold water-113,672135,727144,965155,86757,302
    Hot water-220,400138,059111,019111,790 79,688
Environmental Operations (E7 | GRI: 103-2)
Environmental Policy approved by the boardyes/no----Yes
Company follows specific waste, water, energy, and/or recycling policies-----Yes
Company uses a recognized energy management system-----No
Climate Oversight / Management (E9)
Does your Senior Management Team oversee and/or manage climate-related risks?yes/no----Yes
Environmental Policy (UNGC-P7, P8, P9)
Company has implemented an environmental management systemyes/noNoKlappir EnviroMasterKlappir EnviroMasterKlappir EnviroMasterKlappir EnviroMaster
Company has published and follows an Environmental Policy-YesYesYesYesYes
Company bears any legal/regulatory responsibility for an environmental impact-NoNoNoNoNo
Paper Management
Total amount of printed paperpages2,394,2802,354,9302,133,7701,584,0701,036,835
Color print-913,333830,151 708,725719,854460,949
Black & white print-2,315,0612,343,4352,209,6971,522,904992,722
Waste Management (UNGC-P7 | GRI: 306-2)
Total amount of waste generatedkg119,992120,728125,519164,803132,796
    Unsorted- 68,40459,77066,17762,68441,877
Percentage of sorted waste%43.0%50.5%47.3%62.0%68.5%
Recycled wastekg--- 97,41963,279
Landfilled waste----67,38469,517
Percentage of recycled waste%---59.1%47.7%
Emission in Scope 3 (UNGC-P7 | GRI: 305-3)
Emissions from wastetCO2e 28.424.822.634.126.4
Emissions from business travel (taxis and flight)-238.64162.84151.19269.75289.01
Carbon Offset
Does a third party verify carbon offset projects?yes/no--No-No
Total Fuel Consumption (UNGC-P7 | GRI: 302-1)
Total fuel consumptionliters33,45733,69432,75430,21624,342
    Gasoline-2,9161,3041,3601,708 534